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Enmore Park : Wayfinding Design

Navigating nature: Rethinking the Enmore Park experience. from clear paths to off-leash areas, transforming systems for a timeless and user-friendly adventure.

wayfinding portfolio project piece for enmore park

The previous system faced readability issues and lacked crucial information, such as the location of toilets and the off-leash areas for dogs. The map structure was unappealing in the environment, and its design felt sterile and lacked timelessness.

Issues like poor placement, causing legibility problems, especially for the elderly, and the map’s static nature from different areas of the park needed urgent attention. Improving route monitoring and content flexibility were identified as the primary focus.

To enhance the user experience, recommendations were made to address these issues, ensuring clarity and adaptability. Considering the park’s main demographic of frequent dog owners features like meditation areas and designated noise zones were suggested to further enrich the user experience.

wayfinding portfolio project piece for enmore park