madison visual logo of letter m and v in a wavy handwritten font created by maddy a graphic designer in sydney

Velocity Fitness: Logo & App Design

Elevating Fitness, Ascending to New Heights: Velocity Altitude Gym. A new way to train, Velocity Fitness centres are state-of-the-art facilities featuring specialised equipment and training zones designed to simulate high-altitude conditions, enhancing the effectiveness of workouts.

velocity fitness and wellness app logo design

In crafting the design concept for Velocity’s brand identity, the focus was on appealing to the target demographic of 25-35 year olds seeking to elevate their experience in the gym. The key phrases—welcoming, open-minded, hardworking, showcasing altitude, strength, and elevation—formed the foundation for the design choices. The logo typography conveys a sense of modernity and innovation, capturing the dynamic essence of the brand. The distinct colour scheme, deviating from industry norms, was carefully selected to mirror the temperature and climate of a high-altitude environment, reinforcing the connection to strength and altitude akin to mountainous landscapes.

Through these design decisions, the challenge was navigated to create a visual identity that authentically captures the spirit of Velocity, resonating with the target audience and setting the brand apart in a crowded fitness landscape.